Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Asia Noreen Bibi - target of suicide bombers?

The religious extremists of Pakistan meted out a death sentence on Asia Noreen Bibi using trumped up charges of blasphemy. But that's not extreme enough for some.  The extremists are calling for one of their own to assassinate Asia Noreen Bibi before the state executes her.  Are they really going to have a suicide bomber detonate himself right in prison?
It's as if they find murder enjoyable. Maybe they get an adrenaline rush out of it.
Suicide attack planned on Noreen Bibi

Bibi, the mother of 5, has been afraid to even eat the prison food, since many Christian prisoners in Pakistan, jailed under the blasphemy laws, are killed before the state execution. Perhaps it saves the government the embarrassment of engaging directly in such savagery.

For more information about the case of Asia Noreen Bibi, see my previous post. Asia Noreen Bibi

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