Monday, May 30, 2011

Olivia Emisar: Representative Anthony Weiner - Twitter Scandal

Update as June 6, 2011: Congressman Weiner held a press conference today acknowledging that he has tweeted some inappropriate photos of himself to private persons.   How did these photos ended up in the hands of his enemies? Obviously he wasn't sexting Breitbart.  Whatever. 

Terror by Twitter:

Why would anyone photoshop Congressman Weiner's twitter account onto a twitpic of a man clad only in his underpants? Could it be that they oppose universal healthcare. It sounds insane, but opponents of universal healthcare have been hounding Weiner and his supporters via Twitter. (It seems so unmanly to harrass via Twitter) Olivia Emisar connects the dots between Weiner championing universal healthcare on Twitter and subsequent Twitter photo on her blog:

Incidentally, the woman who received the Twitpic has publicly stated it did not come from Weiner. She suspects it came from a number of right wingers who have been harrassing her via Twitter and making all sorts of speculation about Weiner and his female followers on Twitter.

Read Ms. Emisar's piece and comment. She's been getting flak for just writing the piece.
Thanks everybody.

UPDATE: The final nail in the coffin for the story that Congressman Weiner tweeted this photo comes from an analysis by The New Republic. Experts hired by the magazine could not find a match for the camera used to take the Yfrog photo. These experts specialize in matching photos to the types of cameras which took the photos.  They maintain an archive of 15,000 possible matches (phones, tablets and cameras). Previous photos tweeted by the Congressman from his Blackberry phone match the Blackberry phone in the database.  This leads to the conclusion that either the Congressman either tweeted the photo with a camera so new it is not in the database or that the Yfrog photo was digitally altered so it no longer matched the metadata for the camera that snapped the photo. Other experts have come to the same conclusion using different analyses of the metadata. This brings us back to the original question - why would anyone plant a fraudulent story about the Congressman's Twitter account? Olivia Emisar puts forward some interesting ideas.

Olivia Emisar: Representative Anthony Weiner - Twitter Scandal

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Osamacide: Killing the bad guy

I'm a huge fan of Hugo Farrant's poetry and his satirical news show "Rap News" He and co-creator Gianni Nanni have put together eight of these, on topics from Wikileaks to Moon bombing.  Their latest
 video deals  with the US Seals mission that eliminated Osama bin Laden.

This was a long time coming. But many in the United States wondered why the US did not bring the Osama bin Laden to trial. The US pushed for Nuremberg trials to punish the Nazis. We insisted on rule of law over vengeance.

The choice to assassinate bin Laden instead of bring him to trial and executing him afterward makes me wonder as well.
Why didn't President Obama choose to prosecute bin Laden? 

RAP NEWS 8: Osamacide - the truth about the Osama bin Laden