Friday, January 21, 2011

Famous Hispanic Inventors

We have plenty of Hispanic inventors - but very few famous ones.
Maybe that's because so much of their work is in esoteric branches of physics and engineering.
Here's my little contribution to getting the word out about them.

  • Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano is a Puerto Rican astrophysicist at NASA and assistant professor at MIT, who pioneered advanced position-sensitive Xray microcalorimeters. He's a dark matter expert who has won several awards for his work. Read his MIT bio or find him in Wikipedia.

  • Jose Negron Crespo, of Puerto Rico, invented a way to use sea waves for energy. The waves touch a panel in a machine, which sets off a hydraulic motor that feeds an electric generator.

  • Ellen Ochoa, she's a deputy director at the Johnson Space Center who invented optical systems that that detect defects in repeating patterns. Ochoa is a retired NASA astronaut.  She's also on wikipedia

  • Jose L. Hernandez-Rebollar of Mexico, invented, Acceleglove - a device that captures hand gestures in virtual reality. One practical use has been for deaf people, the device translates 300 words of sign language into spoken words or text.  For more info check this link to the Smithsonian.

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